Three simple tips to help you better manage stress & anxiety

By Liz Paul, Psychotherapist & Counsellor
  1. Learn your triggers – what is it that sets off your anxiety? It might be something like certain memories, or specific people or types of people.  Or it might be certain situations at work or school. Every time you feel anxious, make a note in your diary identifying what the triggers were for each episode.  Once you know your triggers you can begin to understand them, which in turn will help you to eliminate them… or you can conquer them by learning to modify the negative thoughts and behaviours that you have in relation to the trigger.
  1. Accept that life can be stressful – and that you can’t control everything. Before getting too wound up about something that has happened, take a little time to work out if it’s worth the worry. Are you giving the problem too much weight?  Will this problem haunt you next week, or will you have forgotten about it by then?  If it’s the latter, accept that you’re frustrated or angry with what happened, but then try to move on without the baggage.
  1. Ring a friend, have a good laugh and see if they can help you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

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